Welcome to my personal website.

Yoy will here find some examples of the work I've been doing lately, as well as many free resources and tutorials.

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25 October 2012

Added nuke relighting tutorial. to my free tutorials library. I intended to cover the whole process from the 3D application (used maya, max and xsi as 3d softwares, mental-ray, renderman, v-ray and arnold as render engines), to nuke relighting techniques. 87 minutes tutorial divided into 3 parts.

25 October 2012

Added EXR workflow tutorial within nuke. Covers pipeline development, multi-channel EXRs, renaming channels, building recyclable gizmos.... 45 minutes tutorial divided into 3 parts.

3 October 2012

Full tutorial of the workflow to export multichannel EXR from arnold to nuke for the Relight node. I'm not really a Softimage TD, so I'm pretty sure there are many other ways to complete the process, but this one works fine. 45 minutes.